This training is hard:

Instrument lesson.

Jesus, I am having to work HARD to learn these skills.

It just doesn’t seem to be coming together. While I am sure it will, at some point, at this time I just can’t seem to get all of my shit into one sock.

Holds are still a bitch.

But my RNAV approach last night was decent, if not great, until the last 500 feet….I lost both the approach path and the glide slope for a moment….Got slow and was low and left until I recovered (I was about to go missed). Then a decent, if not perfect crosswind landing. (Winds were 190 at 11, and I landed on 9). Didn’t help that some other asshole on an approach on 27 (5 miles out) decided to turn the lights UP from low intensity to HIGH intensity on my last 50 foot of final. I was kinda blinded there for a moment, but still pulled it out.

This is harder than learning to shoot accurately at long distance. And I struggled to learn that, even if I did get decent at the end of my training.

Lots of shit happens really fast in an approach.

I am gaining a great deal of respect for pilots who do this shit every day.

3 thoughts on “This training is hard:

  1. Skull sweat now saves sweating when you REALLY need it… And it takes practice!

  2. I teach the Examiners Course at Ft Rucker, AL. If I can be of any help, let me know.

  3. Unknown:

    SO far, I have the classroom portion stuff pretty well. It's entering holds (and holding) that are an issue. I can't seem to work with the winds, so I wander off course.

    Approaches are difficult, but not that bad. More practice will fix that, I think.

    How would I reach you if I had questions?

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