I wouldn’t use “stun Grenades”

The US embassy in Iraq was “stormed” by protestors.

Embassy security used “Stun Grenades”and “tear gas” to drive them back….

This is US sovereign soil. The Iraqi police (“Security Forces” have failed to keep the mob outside the walls. Were it up to me, I’d not use non-lethal force to protect the compound and the people within.

I’d use whatever force was required to keep those walls and gates secure.
Send a message. “Don’t fuck with the US”.

Do I want to see people killed? No, not at all. But being nice or using “Non lethal” force works for only so long…..Especially with a mob of folks like that.

A pile of dead bodies works better. Once they breach the gate, then all bets are off. If the Iraqi government wants to protect it’s citizens, then they need to step up and provide security outside the walls. Letting a mob run amok inside the walls is, in itself, a message.

The US too needs to send a message. Being nice doesn’t send the appropriate message.

It is all well and good to be nice if your opponent is rational. If they aren’t, then one must Stop Being Nice. Nothing says “Don’t fuck with the US, this is a line you cannot cross than wounded or dead members of the Mob.

If you keep on being Nice, then you end up with the same sort of situation that Carter gave us back in 1979.

Enough is enough. Stop being Nice. Be Firm, instead.

People respect firm, I would bet good money that it will only happen once. Then the Mob will respect the boundaries.