Hard on the sled though:

And it ain’t even a record:

Mid 50’s (F) for the next few days. Before, during and after Christmas. Here in the greater Chicago area.
Fifty-Five Freakin degrees.
On Christmas.

Yet, oddly, it isn’t even close to a record high temp for this next few days.

Record High is 64.

(record Low is -18).

Nope, not Glowbal Warmenating, sorry Mr Gore. Not even close.

At least we don’t have to shovel all this sunshine, even if it does make it hard on Santa’s sled runners.

2 thoughts on “Hard on the sled though:

  1. Well, Santa does deliver to Florida and the south, so he just has to put down the landing gear wheels earlier than he usually does. He's probably just thankful he doesn't have to put down the floats like he does to deliver to Hawaii.

  2. Good point! Merry New Year, Happy Christmas, and all that other stuff… 🙂

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