Amazing: Our Government actually CAN govern

Despite the acrimony and the just plain childish behavior on both sides, our government has actually done a replacement for NAFTA:

The USMCA agreement addresses (some of) the issues with NAFTA, and provides for a much better balance of trade between Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Is it perfect? No. But compared to NAFTA it is a great deal. And the House actually dealt with the President fairly enough for this deal to be agreed upon.
And, oddly enough, it appears that our Government, both the Congress and the House, as well as the White House, are willing to put the Country first, at least long enough to make this happen.

Frankly, I am shocked.
Happy, but surprised.  

One thought on “Amazing: Our Government actually CAN govern

  1. I am confused as to what the heck the House has to do with it. It is, or certainly should be structured as, a TREATY. Ratification or not of treaties is the purview of the SENATE. The House has ZERO authority over treaties.

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