perhaps Lush Rimbaugh was correct:

‘Cause a WHOLE BUNCH of folks are hearing the headlines and thinking that the “Impeachment Hearings” are showing that Donald The Orange Bad Man Trump personally told the Ukranians to find some dirt of Hunter Biden in order to ensure his rule for life or something. I mean, anyone who believes that Trump is about to be impeached must be one of those “Low Information Voters”

I’ve watched and/or listened to a fair bit of the “testimony” at the hearings. While I can’t say it shows the President in a good light, neither does it show any “Smoking Gun” or other evidence of the (current meme of the day as to his bad behavior) “Quid Pro Quo” (yesterday it was “bribery”, before that is was somehow “campaign contributions” or something.
If you only looked at or listened to what the Media was telling you, you might believe that the testimony was damning. So far, what they claim is “Damning Evidence” is a bunch of innuendo, supposition, and finger pointing, but little hard fact nor unimpeachable evidence.

So really, despite the Spin placed upon the reporting, I haven’t seen any more reason to believe the current charges than those of the “Collusion” charges.

And have you noticed that no one is trying to find a way to excuse (or explain) the payments to Hunter Biden? And not one of the DNC folks seems to think that there SHOULD be any investigation as to that whole bunch of folks, Biden, Burisma, (apparently) all the other DNC leaders children, etc….? Why is that? What are they trying to hide? 

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  1. Sondland wasn't even willing to go with "hearsay", unless we can refer to the voices in his head that caused his "presumption" of quid pro quo to be "hearsay". What a farce!

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