More dubble standardz

See, the Media and the Democratic People’s Party (or is it the Democratic Party of the People…..or the Peoples’s popular Democratic Party…..or whatever…sorry, I digress…) have conveniently forgotten the uncomfortable fact (for them) that ALL of GW Bush’s appointed Ambassadors were summarily dismissed in 2008 by Barry the Obama…..And little (if any) protests were registered……Because, at the end of it…..The Diplomats all serve at the pleasure of the President. And, like it or not, Barry was the duly elected President (eligibility for the office aside)….he won his office even over and above any doubt about the “Margin of Fraud” (at least the first time) and was, therefore, able to legally place whomever he wanted as the Ambassadorial Representative of the United States under his rule tenure as President.

Yet, oddly, they seem to think that Trump’s dismissal of the Ambassador to the Ukraine is somehow unusual and illegal.

Strange how that works, innit? 

One thought on “More dubble standardz

  1. If they didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

    It's amazing how their arguments on everything Trump-related simply boil down to "Orange Man Bad – Nyah, Nyah".

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