“Come help me move a body”

“Bring some rope and a tarp if you have one”.

Seriously, that is the phone call I got about 3 pm on Wed.

Now, Bobby is a good friend. Great guy. Outstandingly generous.

But he brooks no stupidity, and has a temper.

So it IS possible that he needs my help to “move a body”.

(I’d not expect the call to come at 3 pm…more like in the middle of the night, but with Bobby, you never know….)

Anyway, he gave me an address that was only about 5 miles from where I live….

So I went, if only to see what was going on….

Many thoughts crossed my mind on the way…..

Was it a joke?
If not, what do I do? Help him move the body? (yeah, he’s that good of a friend) or suggest he call the po-po……

As I drive there, I realize that I had been there once before….It’s Ed’s house….This could be good or bad…..

I exit the truck, and wander over to where Bobby is standing, just almost in the back yard…

And there is the body.
Of a Deer that had been hit by a car and had died in Ed’s backyard….

Well, then.

“Asshole” I said.
“yeah, but you showed up” he answered.

Took the three of us to load it into his truck. Bobby isn’t young anymore and Ed is kinda crippled…Not that I am as healthy and strong as I was when I was 20 either….But it is loaded (and he has a DNR  tag for it) to dispose of, rather than letting it be eaten over the next few days by coyotes in Ed’s backyard.

So now he knows who he can call, if and when….

I got some odd friends though…

One thought on ““Come help me move a body”

  1. You may have some odd friends, but they have a friend good enough to ride the river with.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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