A climate record

The most snowfall on Halloween:

A 96 year old record smashed. Yet no claims of “Climate Change” since it doesn’t fit the meme of Thermageddon.

But, according to the “Climate”Experts””, this is just weather, not evidence that the climate is cooling or anything.
Of course not.

Odd how records that are broken to the warm side are “evidence” of Global Warming….But those that show (possible) cooling are just weather. 

2 thoughts on “A climate record

  1. Yeah; that's why "they" went from calling it "global warming" to "climate change." You can quantify warming, but "change" is whatever they want it to be.

    I've been noting average highs and lows at my location for six years. October wobbles a few degrees one way or the other. This October was smack-dab in the middle, as far as the highs have gone, and actually five degrees cooler for the lows. That puts the end of the world… lessee… carry the five… WELL past the twelve years that climatologist extraordinaire AOC predicts…

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