One wonders: How did they get there?

I mean, Fonda flew to her house in Washington a few weeks ago so she could be arrested last week, and again this week.….Protesting Fossil Fuels….

Did she walk to the protest? Or did she take a cab or use a car? Is that apartment heated with some kind of renewable fuel? Or is it electric or gas? How about the lighting? Is it done by electricity? Whale oil (a renewable) or solar charged batteries (doubtful)….

How about Sam Waterson? (another aging actor apparently addicted to the spotlight). How did he get to the protest? Walking? Bicycle (which would have been made using…fossil fuels….) Google says his house is in Woodbury Connecticut…a pretty long walk for anyone, much less an old man….

I’d believe these folks were True Believers if their lifestyles reflected it.

As it is, I only see a pair of hypocrites.

2 thoughts on “One wonders: How did they get there?

  1. I saw an elephantload of "climate change" hypocrites during that day of from school… er… CLIMATE CHANGE STRIKE… a few weeks back. They were all waving signs at us as they crossed the road to an "event…" from a PACKED parking lot… That lot is normally almost empty…

    …I rest my case…

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