Is he an illegitimate leader?

I’m talking about the Prime Minister of our neighbor to the north…

Justin Trudeau.

He was reelected to his post, but not by the majority of the citizens of Canada. He lost the popular vote. 

Since our media and our Socialist Democratic Party government members claimed that our legally elected President was an illegitimate president because even though he garnered the majority of the Electorate votes, he narrowly missed the popular vote…

Are they gonna refuse to deal with Trudeau and his government from this point on? I mean, an illegitimate government isn’t one that we can negotiate trade deals on, nor other matters of state, right? Treaties and other military obligations? Can’t do it with an illegitimate Head of State, right? WIll his signature on any document even be recognized as that of the Canadian People?

I can’t wait for the tapdancing to begin.