Driving instead of flying:

This time, the weather forecasters were completely correct.

I WAS gonna take MC to visit her sister in mid Michigan on Sunday.

Was planning on flying. But Ma Nature had other plans.

Sadly, the winds were a bit too much. While I CAN fly in 30+ knot winds, the crosswind component for my airport of intended landing (and the 3 closest alternates) was such that it would have been greater than that which the manufacturer recommends. And since I have to pay for the tires, I chose not to fly and instead drove.

‘Twould have been a fast flight up though. forecast winds were 48 knots in an almost perfect tailwind at 5500 ft….The flight back, however, would have taken forever.

I obviously need to upgrade my airplane. Faster and more powerful. It’s only money (and LOTS of it)/

As soon as I win the lottery…..