The wrong side:

So a friend had some credit at a flight school that she wasn’t gonna use….and the flight school wasn’t gonna refund it, either……So I thought that I’d use some of it and pay them the amount I used.

I got a rental 172 and a safety pilot and flew from the right seat, rather than the left.

Wow, what a perspective change. And WOW, what a difference using the right hand to fly and the left hand to throttle.

Turns and climbs were ok, Approaches were less than smooth, but ok.

Landings….yeah, not so much. The fine control needed for a good landing is lacking. It’ll get better with practice though.

Plus my shoulder and arm were tired.

But, I did land, even with a quartering headwind of 6 knots gusting 22. Not as smoothly as I normally do, but well enough.
And, best of all, the plane can be used again.

More  of this next week.

Changing sides on a plane is harder than changing sides on a car when driving in the UK.

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