Meeting night at the range

Once a month we have a meeting at the range to discuss range business and improvements, induct new members and decide if we are gonna spend any of the dues money on projects and schedule work parties to fix or improve things.

Some meetings are boring, some are more entertaining, some are slow paced, some are quick. Usually cordial, once in a while one is contentious.

This meeting, one member who wants something done and wants it right away (but expects others to do the work) was asked what he was gonna pay to have it done since HE never volunteered to do any work nor any fundraising. ‘Twas a priceless moment.

It would seem that even among (mostly conservative) gun owners there are Liberal type folks who think that they can spend the work, money and effort of others…and feel that their needs and wants should be paid for with the effort of others.

One thought on “Meeting night at the range

  1. Snerk… LOVE that response to him! 🙂 Bet that shut him up!

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