Chicago: Bang Bang

So despite the outcry about “racism” and “terror” in the incidents in El Paso and Dayton, (which were tragedies), there is no national news about the 52 (yes, fifty two)  people shot in the greater South Side of Chicago….

Fifty two people shot.

In one incident, HUNDREDS of rounds were fired.

Yet no national news. Why?

I guess that the Media just expects the folks in the South Side to behave that way.

Of course, despite the outcry  that the Po-lice “Must Do Something”, no one in the communities are working with the CPD to identify and convict the perpetrators….

2 thoughts on “Chicago: Bang Bang

  1. The Progressives insist that we should be learning from the agents of diversity. Good luck finding a commercial on TV that does not feature POC.

    And yet, and yet….the Progressives act as though POC are not competent enough to have agency for their own actions and futures.

    How many Yuppy, Liberal snowflakes have their children watched by single mothers in the 'to?

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