Whatcha gonna cut?

So the Liberals are all up in arms about overcrowding at the border detention centers…especially the one in McCallan Texas.

I agree. Something Should Be Done.

But where are we gonna find the funding? I mean, we couldn’t come up with any money for a border wall to prevent these people from ILLEGALLY entering, so when they are caught, we have to hold them for processing….

We obviously need more (and larger) facilities to hold these folks while they are set up for release (where over 80% won’t show up for processing anyway, but that is another topic for another day…..)

So what are you Liberals who are protesting willing to cut to pay for the new facilities???
Welfare? AFDC? SNAP (Food Stamps)?  Midnight library book readings by Transsexuals? “Green boondoggles Initiatives? Other Socialist Programs?

Someone has to pay for these facilities that y’all are demanding…..How are ya gonna pay for it? 

6 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna cut?

  1. Cut costs by bidding out the incarceration to the Philopines gets my vote.

  2. No, they say just let 'em in and trust they will show up in 10 or 12 months for the immigration hearing. But while they wait, we should give them free stuff- welfare, healthcare, housing, and tax refunds.

  3. We can fix this…

    Take ALL of the detainees and hand them over to Mexico so that they can return them to their homes.

    Free at Last, Free at Last

    BUILD THE WALL so that no one can just waltz in illegally.
    REFUSE to accept or admit anyone at the border on an asylum claim.
    ALL such claim must be made at the embassy s or consulates closest to the claimant's home.

    Problem solved

    MSG Grumpy

  4. Let's take 50,000 or so and move them by bus, train or flight to each of the 24 Dem contenders home cities. They all raised their hand for open borders and giving em free stuff so let their cities have as many as they want. But let's make sure that each city know why they are there. Courtesy of their representative. That ought to relieve some of the pressure at the border and I'll bet that money from the D's will be coming a lot faster.

  5. We'll get the money for this from the same place we get all the other money we spend: we will borrow it from the Saudis.

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