Gonna keep up until WLP leaves the NRA

As you know, I have been, and continue to be, unhappy with the NRA.

I have advocated for Wayne LaPierre to leave the NRA (or be tossed, I really don’t care)….

And here we have one of the biggest “gun Guys”…at least one of the most visible, cutting ties (at least for now) with the NRA because of the mismanagement and misuse of OUR funds….

WLP cannot be gone soon enough.

I hope the Board takes note and acts soon.

2 thoughts on “Gonna keep up until WLP leaves the NRA

  1. I have about as much love and respect for Wayne "The Stain" La Pierre as I did for Wayne Pacelle…………

  2. Wow, I've met them both and this is a HUGE step, but I don't disagree at all!

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