Do I have this right???

The Democrats (and the Media)…(But, again, I repeat myself) are all up in arms about the (claimed, but somehow not proven) “Foreign interference in our election”…(Despite the fact that over half of Barry O’s  campaign funds came from overseas credit cards) and they want to pass laws to prevent this “Foreign Interference” from affecting our next election….(even though there is no evidence that there was any, but let us table that fact for now)

But they want to allow Illegal Immigrants (forgive me, “undocumented future citizens who don’t pay taxes”) the right to vote, and they want those Illegal Immigrants (sorry…”Future DNC voters”) presence to affect how congressional districts are allocated (by not counting of the people in those districts are citizens or not)

How is the above not “Foreign Interference?? It may not be funding an election campaign (like Barry’s) but it is still interference, nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Do I have this right???

  1. It is foreign interference, but for THEM, so it's all good… Sigh

  2. The census has always counted bodies without regard to citizenship. That is why California, Florida, and Texas are just a few of the states over-represented in Congress.

    Of course the "Congress never fathomed assault rifles so we can ban hem" crowd refuses to see "Congress never fathomed" hordes of illegal immigrants and we should modify the language of the census / apportionment.

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