You gotta be Fookin’ Kiddin’ me…..?

So I have a friend who works with a person.
That person is darker in skin tone than we are (not that that is hard, as we are as pale as Canadian college kids on Spring Break…but I digress)

It was pointed out to my friend that there are subtle “Microagressions” everywhere….

The symbols on the traffic lights.
How, you might ask, would a traffic light be racist? (I was ignorant about this as well….Read on)

It would seem that they are racist because the traffic lights in common use here in Northwest Indiana have a white figure to tell you to walk and an orangeish hand to tell you not to walk….This was changed, apparently, many years ago to make it easier for blind visually impaired (there I go again with Microagression) people to more easily see the difference and thus not get run over by cars, trucks and busses….But, again, I digress.

Seems that it is perceived by (some) black people that “Its a WHITE hand that tells you to go but it is BLACK (Brown? Orange?) hand that stops you”….which is, somehow, racist.

Or something.

What a wonderful country we live in that this is the largest complaint….

One can find discrimination and/or racism anywhere, apparently, if you look hard enough and have an ambiguous enough definition….

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