Rainbow day

Or whatever you want to call the day that the “Pride” parades take place across the country.

This is, apparently, the 50th anniversary of something, which is a big deal if one is a gay man, I understand.

The claim that this is about “acceptance”….but they have always been accepted, both men and women, as long as they behaved in a decent manner, a manner that was the same as other, straight couples. Behave, don’t have sex out in the open, etc.

I remember, as a child, being introduced to “Mr. Bruce” and “His good friend Mr Jacob”. I didn’t understand, as a child, what the connection was. Nor did anyone I knew care that much. It was just how it was…..and that most of 50 years ago…. This was true in the Midwest, and especially in the south.

And lest you think that that was an anomaly, here is a newspaper article (From 1905!) about a very strong willed, very well loved and respected woman…..and “her lifelong companion” living together….”spinsters”….living just outside of Chicago…..People knew…and they just didn’t give a shit one way or the other.
No one cared about who she loved.

These two are but a few examples of how gay people lived among the straight people. By behaving decently….’Twas only the folks who DIDN’T behave decently in “Public” that were harassed and hounded by societies guardians.

I suppose every group has to have something to celebrate.
So happy “Rainbow Pride” day, folks.

(I personally don’t care who a person loves (or how) but that’s just me(as long as both are of legal age to make the choice)….But I don’t care to see it out in the streets)

2 thoughts on “Rainbow day

  1. This teacher also Taught The Elder George bush at the time. This teacher became a good friend of my father's family, and this guy even sent me and my sibling Christmas gifts.
    He way gay, yet he was a decent man, and that was all that mattered to my fathers family.

  2. Somehow the first sentence disappeared. This was my fathers piano teacher.

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