Qualifies as a hate crime:

I mean, she spit on him because he was named “Trump” and was the President’s son.

The way I see it, she should be charged with a ‘Hate Crime”….they charge conservatives for lesser offences.

But Eric Trump showed class and simply let it go. I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have clocked her for spitting on me though, woman or not.

The owner of the bar has apologized.

4 thoughts on “Qualifies as a hate crime:

  1. My parents always said "Never hit a lady." Females of the species who spit on men who have done nothing to them at all do not fall into the "lady" category. ..

  2. So…this is a 'high end' establishment, Breitbart is "far right-wing", and the cocktail lounge, not a person, made a statement, and the spitter was identified not as an employee but a "lone individual".

    You know, one day bias is going to get in the way of actual reporting.

    I'm wondering, in the same manner of how it is the SS which closes airports, not the president, if the SS would press charges even if Mr. Trump would not. And, has the 'lone individual' been separated from paycheck status? And, would not the Health Department have a duty to investigate and/or find the establishment in violation? Oh wait, Chicago…never mind.


  3. Hi Mr. "Middle??,"
    Funny about being "SPIT ON!!".. Try being a Vietnam era "Man in Uniform of the USA" and not being "SPIT ON!!"… Back When!!!
    and later…
    They say…..
    "Thank you for your Service!!"…

    "BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Please excuse me while I go Puke……

  4. spit carries aids and other deadly diseases, hence assault with a deadly weapon at least, lethal force authorized at best. i'll take a lot of crap, but spit at me, you get decked, charges be damned.

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