How very….French

So all those promises of money from the French Rich that were pledged to rebuild the Cathedral at Notre Dame?

Yeah, it would seem that they have been forgotten, and it is, instead, mostly Americans who are footing the bill for repair. 

Odd, I could have sworn that I’d heard this song before….Think WWII.

Funny how history repeats, innit? The French talk big, but in the end, they  just don’t step up.

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3 thoughts on “How very….French

  1. So-
    Where is the extremely rich Catholic Church in all of this?
    It's their building, right?
    Not to mention that I can't believe they don't have a HUGE insurance policy on the building.

  2. The French government ownes Notre Dame

    The Catholic Church runs it.

  3. And so the Catholic Church isn't going to put one Euro into fixing it.

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