Gotta love folks who deny reality

I cannot help but laugh in disbelief.

In another forum, there is an argument about crime RATES…

It is claimed that illegal immigrant hispanic communities are (get this) MORE law abiding than the average “american” community. Especially “white” communities. 

Further, that these folks make communities safer and actually increase property values. 
This is the direct opposite of what I have observed myself, and moreso, is the opposite of what cops observe. But they spout study after study which claims the above. 
Funny, the Leftists seem to believe that if they repeat the lie often enough, it will become reality. 
I don’t think that the average LEGAL immigrant is any more or less law abiding than the average “American”. I do see that communities with a large percentage of illegal immigrants DO have greater crime and lower property values as well as more trash and such.
But perhaps both I and the police with whom I talk have a limited sample of observation. Perhaps we are wrong….
What are YOUR observations? 

One thought on “Gotta love folks who deny reality

  1. My 1st hand experiences have consistently been an increase in crime and mayhem. Stolen tools and other goods because, 'you could afford it', while they could not.

    A neighbor sold his home. A mexican bought it. The home was on a cul-de-sac of seven homes that backed up to my field. Cut fence, empty beer bottle and cans, human feces, paper trash, spanish language newspaper, all at the fence and onto my field. The house very soon became a drug house (traffic all hours of the day and night, leave the engine running, five minute visits). A tool shed behind that house became a bunk house for about ten persons. New faces every week or so. Electricity was a single extension cord run from the house. No water or plumbing.

    Neighbors started to complain about theft of basically anything not nailed down, graffiti. The stink, oh the stink! It was nearly as bad as a pig farm.

    Several times I had to call the Sheriff to remove transients from the barn and having caught thieves in the act. Always the same Deputy. We talked, he said he sees this increase in crime where ever mexicans move in.

    I was on a project out away from anywhere when three amigos came up to 'borrow' something. They couldn't get their story straight between them. Me and another guy were ready when two of them tried to get us in a crossfire as they swung shovels at us. The third guy threatened me with an invisible gun. I walked up on him to call his bluff. They skedaddled. The next morning I found that seven tires and rims were missing off equipment and they had tried to drain diesel from the big tank. Stupid so and so's didn't see the hand pump right there.

    These are only a few examples. I could go on and on and on.


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