’cause we spent the other tax money…..

So Illinois citizens get a new tax on fuels….an additional 19 cents per gallon….which goes into effect July 1.

Seems that the state had to find some way to pay for all that “Deferred Maintenance” on all the roads…some of that maintenance delayed for decades….since the state has diverted all those millions and millions of dollars that were collected from roads to social programs and to simply pay for the bloated government payrolls.

And now bridges are falling down and roads are breaking up… so like good socialists…they are adding an additional tax.

How long before this tax money is diverted and they have to add (again) yet another tax to pay for the deferred road and bridge repair? They CLAIM it can’t be diverted, but this is, after all, Illinois….

What good little Socialists the Government of Illinois are…

2 thoughts on “’cause we spent the other tax money…..

  1. Yeah in the People's Democratic Republic of California we're on out third tier of absolutely-not-going-to-be-diverted-we-swear fuel taxes.

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