Yeah, she can tell me

So Ocasio-Cortez (and now Mayor DeBlasio as well) thinks she can tell me how to live my life to keep “The Environment” healthy.

I live in the country. I own land that harbors HUNDREDS of trees, and acres of grass…..all those acres of green leaf sequester carbon…..

I heat my home with wood (at least about 85% of my heat comes from wood….I do have a gas furnace for those lazy days)….all the rest is “Renewable” energy….

I live in a place where my commute, such as it is, is fairly short. 

My “Carbon Footprint” approaches zero….in fact, it is quite possibly in some months, a negative number….

She lives in a city, flies thousands of miles monthly, and is shepherd to zero plants. I would wager her “carbon footprint” is nearly 100 times as high as mine.

Yet she (with absolutely no education or qualifications, mind you (Or even, possibly, the IQ to comprehend that which she would lecture me)) believes that she is qualified to lecture me on “Protecting the Environment”…..

Odd, innit, how these people want others to change their lives and lifestyles, but yet live high carbon lifestyles themselves…..

3 thoughts on “Yeah, she can tell me

  1. They say it takes a village to raise a child. AOC thinks it takes a child to raise a village…

    THIS is the consequence of participation trophies…

  2. Certainty is inversely related to the size of one's knowledge base.

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