This oughta be fun…

So I finally pulled the distributor drive off of the ’27 Chrysler.

Now I know why it skips time.  I may be screwed here. Terribly worn distributor gears.

Somewhere, I gotta find a drive gear for the distributor…not the driven gear at the end of the distributor shaft, but the one that is attached onto the end of the cam that drives the distributor shaft gear.

I’m thinking NAPA and AutoZone aren’t gonna have a listing.

Anyone got any suggestions where I can find a distributor gear set for a 1927 Chrysler model 50//model 58? (that is the 4 cylinder, not the straight 6 or the 8.

2 thoughts on “This oughta be fun…

  1. Have you tried JC Whitney? A search there for "1927 chrysler distributor gear" returns some gear looking parts. Can vouch for their applicability but worth a look.

  2. ep, that's what the distributor gear looks like. I called the gear manufacturer and they are sending me a drawing so I can check to see if that gear matches the one I have. They also think they make the matching gear that drives it.

    JCWhitney…who woulda thought?

    I appreciate the tip. I never looked at JC Whitney…they always sold crap parts when I was younger and worked on cars a lot. Used to send me catalogs monthly.

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