More holding practice

This is turning out to be harder than I thought it would….

Winds at 3000 feet were pretty stout from south to north. And my hold was east to west.

My hold wasn’t the nice oval that it is supposed to be. Nor were the legs each the same length. more like a teardrop. Gotta work on that.

Having said that, My approaches to 2 different airports were pretty nice. But not what they need to be.

My straight and level flying on instruments isn’t too bad, nor are my climbs and turns…my navigation is pretty decent too. But the holds are a bitch.

This IFR flying is difficult sometimes….But practice will improve that, I think.

like learning to shoot well, practice and a decent teacher are the key.

2 thoughts on “More holding practice

  1. That's NOT something you learn in one lesson, and you do have to practice it to maintain proficiency!

  2. I continue to say, instrument flying is the most unnatural thing. The implication is its not easily learned.


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