Congratulations Dr. Niece!

There is a Doctor in the family…another one, actually, as this is the second niece that I have that has earned her Doctorate…..

And, again, like the first niece Doctor, not a useless Doctorate in French underwater basketweaving literature history,  but one which will allow her to have a profession, earn a great living (she will start at a salary that, adjusted for inflation, is TWICE what I started at as an engineer many years ago). Little to no debt, and real, in demand, productive job skills.

I am proud of her and her accomplishment. It didn’t come easy, but she succeeded.

This is the American dream.  Both of my Grandfathers were hard working, but not extremely well educated. Working class. Now we have 2 Doctors in the family, and another niece to graduate with a degree in Nursing in a week or so….and another one graduating as a Doctor 3 years out.
Hard work and intelligence, combined with a society that fosters upward mobility for those that are willing to earn it can lead to great things.

I am very proud today. 

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Dr. Niece!

  1. 'Sounds like your house is the place to be if you start flopping like a fish on the living room floor after Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. See, the American Dream is not dead. As it has always been, it is there for those who aim for it and are not dissuaded by hard work. Allow me to also offer congratulations to these women and the entire family. Outstanding.


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