AAAANND… there you go

Nothin’ to see here folks. Move along.

So a bunch of past NRA presidents have written a letter saying that they support Wayne LaPierre. Big deal. (may have to hit the “X” in the uper right corner to view the facebook page)

I notice that the past two presidents, Ollie North and Pete Brownell AREN’T signatories.

And the letter doesn’t explain the abuses.

Oddly enough, as a Life Member, I didn’t get the letter….but I DO  get 3-5 a week explaining why they need me to dig deeper into my pockets to help the NRA meet their bills as they Continue the Fight to Keep My Rights (and Keep WLP in good suits and to fuel his plane).

Not a dime, not one thin dime until WLP goes and we get some fiscal responsibility and some new and honest Board members and perhaps a restructuring….

The NRA has become what the Wounded Warrior Project did. A travesty and a Farce.  A profit center for the directors.

If I could get a refund on my Life Membership, I would do so. 

2 thoughts on “AAAANND… there you go

  1. I'm sending them letters and calling them. This is ridiculous and needs to be cleaned up. If enough of the membership speaks loudly enough – and/or is willing to walk away – they will listen.

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