Why don’t they want those folks?

I fail to see the objection that these folks have to the suggestion that CBP/ICE should deliver the criminals apprehended at the southern border to Sanctuary Cities for a release to await the adjudication of their case. 

What, exactly, are the objections? Since Sanctuary Cities “welcome immigrants with open arms” why should they object? Since they claim that these illegal immigrants are a net gain to the economy, why should they not want thousands of that sort of people to be delivered to their cities? Since they claim that these people are more law abiding than the average American Citizen, one would think that they would have no objection?

Or is it that these “progressives” are lying? That they know that these folks are a net drain on the communities where they reside….That they commit crimes at about 3 times that of the average American Citizen…..that they are, in the end, detrimental to the localities where they congregate? 

I fail to see why delivering illegal border crossers to these cities should be met with claims that the Trump Administration is “Targeting” these cities. If they don’t want these people, then why do they support the rest of the country having to absorb them? Or do they just want us to take our “Fair Share” of the problems they wish to inflict upon the country instead of taking that burden themselves?

Put up or shut up, Liberals. 

2 thoughts on “Why don’t they want those folks?

  1. It's really simple. The blue states are already blue. Bringing more potential blue votes there will do nothing for "the cause," and WILL end up proving their "cultural enrichment" narrative wrong as crime soars and municipalities auger in financially. The plan only works if these "culture enrichers" end up in RED states to swing them in the other direction.
    …Talk about the law of unintended consequences…

  2. New Chicago Mayor has said she is for having them. Hopefully Trump tests out her offer. Bus them ALL to the windy city. Or maybe just half of them. I believe some would love California. Also, if you remember, the democrats also had an issue with republicans having a vote on their green bill. They want to throw stupid ideas out there, they just don't want to have to actually live with or back them.

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