I just wasn’t enthused enough about going to take the 2-1/2 hour drive each way, plus finding parking, to go.

I’m kinda disgusted with the NRA lately, Their Training Division has pissed me off enough that I am no longer teaching NRA Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle classes, and I am disgusted by the shenanigans coming to light about the Board and their financial practices with our donated money. I’d probably find the wrong person and not keep my mouth shut and get kicked out or something….

And, while I would like to see the new products,  I don’t plan on buying anything new this year, so that motivation too went away.

Plus Midwest Chick was kinda undermotivated as well. So we ain’t goin’.

I will miss seeing my friends from across the country who will be there, but what with the forecasted late spring Blizzard conditions (6 inches of snow at 3 inches an hour and 25 mph winds with gusts above 35) at home this evening (when I will be returning) I decided there wasn’t enough reason to go.

Sorry y’all, I won’t be seeing you this year.