Flew Sunday.

Went to have a bit of Easter Celebration with Midwest Chick’s sister and her husband.

Now, normally, this is a 3 1/2 hour drive….

Or a 1.2 hour flight.

So, we could go, have time to see each other, break bread, etc. and still return at a decent hour, rather than spend more time travelling than celebrating together.

This is why I learned to fly and own a plane.

1.2 each way, and 3 landings.
Weather was frikkin’ perfect. Clear skies, 6 mph winds at 7500/6500, and fairly smooth until the final approach back home.

4 thoughts on “Flew Sunday.

  1. I must have missed it that you fly. Do you have your own plane, and what is it?

    I've always wanted to get my license, but after watching someone bankrupt their family multiple times with the flying bug, decided to take a pass on it.

  2. I have a 182P a 1975 era bird.

    It is a stepping stone for me. Getting my Instrument rating then I plan on a dual engine certification, then I would like to get a p337 for serious cross country stuff. Plus faster.

    Cost per hour for the 182 appears to be about $75 all in…engine and prop reserve and fuel. Cheaper than renting and no scheduling issues The airframe is pretty much depreciated, so it is only engine and prop that loses value with flying hours. It's decently equipped for what I need at this point.

  3. Nice. I wish now the I'd learned when I was younger and had the money to do such things.

  4. Unknown:
    Start now. Fly as much as you have the cash for.
    Shop around, you can find a flight school. Some are less expensive than others if the aircraft are't state of the art (and you don't NEED a glass cockpit to learn).

    If nothing else, take a ground school. There was a guy taking flight lessons when I was getting my private license that was 68 years old. He was following his dream.

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