Depends, of course, on your viewpoint:

Was talking with an acquaintance (not a friend) about some stuff, and one of the subjects was the FBI and the fact that they haven’t been trustworthy for MANY years, not just the recent debacle with Trump and the “Collusion” farce.

“Since I graduated High school (likely before, but I wasn’t paying attention before that), The FBI has been a joke as far as the Fidelity and Integrity part of their motto. See also: the debacle with Randy Weaver”

“Weaver was a racist” (nice diversion there)

“No, Weaver was a “Separatist” big difference. Still, the FBI was pretty bad, even back then.”

“He chose to live away from black people. That makes him a racist” (doesn’t wanna talk about the FBI)

“Oh, so YOU are a racist, then, also?”

“How can you say that?”

“You too are a separatist…..You live in a VERY “white” area. What, 3% “African American”? Yet not 15 miles away is an area with much higher black and latino population. Like 25%. Go another 10 miles and you are in an area that is 80+% black. And it is closer to where you work. Cheaper property values there too…. Yet you choose to live in an area that is, essentially, all white , a longer commute and cost more to live…..Why is that?…Don’t wanna live with the crime, the rudeness, or deal with the cultural issues? Or is it some other reason that you don’t live near many black people?…Are YOU racist?”

So the subject was changed…sharply. But made him think.

Odd, innit, how people cry “racist” and such, yet separate themselves if only by the simple method of cost of housing…and then claim they are “holier that thou”.

SJW types really irritate me.

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