So next time…

Someone commits a “hate Crime” or a “Hoax crime” will the prosecutor let them go as well?

Or is it only stupid, gay, half black, actors who get off for crimes? People of a protected class.
I mean, this seems to be as much justice as Hillary Clinton got…

“yes, the accused is guilty”
“Yes, their actions had costs”
“but no, we won’t force them to do any punishment, nor even pay for the costs of, nor the consequences of their actions.”
“In the end, they re gonna get away with it.

Yes, the Fix is in.

What’s next? If I know the right people who are willing to make the right calls to the right people, can I get away with Murder too? I mean, if I am rich and powerful enough…..

Next time some person actually commits a Hoax Crime, or gives false testimony, or makes a false accusation, do they get off as well?

What happened to “Equal Protection under the Law?”

Who has to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs for the investigation of this hoax?