Pretty much inevitable, wasn’t it?

So it would seem that Finland is failing.

I mean, their current society is. They are running out of “Other People’s Money”.

Seems that their Socialist Health Care program that was touted as a great idea….One that we should model our heakthcare system on (The Affordable HealthCare Act, AKA ObamaKare) is gone bust……Broke. Kaput. Bankrupt. 

Broke enough that the entire Government has decided to resign.

Once again, Socialism has failed. They gave up on Universal Basic Income a few months ago because it too didn’t work, despite being touted as a wonderful idea that would bring everyone out of poverty….

I am reliably informed that most European “Socialist Democracies” are not far behind.

Let us not forget that, despite our problems, by nearly any standard, even the “Poor” in the US have a  better standard of living that the middle class in Europe.
But we should, according to the Liberals and the “educated” emulate the Europeans…..

2 thoughts on “Pretty much inevitable, wasn’t it?

  1. Funny; we're supposed to "become Europe." Why then, are people from all over the world flocking to the United States instead of Europe?…

    …'Just sayin'…

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