More jobs than people

Yeah, it is a simplistic headline.

But in the end, there are more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them.

This does not really mean more jobs than people, just more jobs than people that are looking for jobs.
Nor does it take into account that many of these jobs require some skill, not just a strong back or willing hands. (and many of the jobs require a clean blood test and/or that folks actually show up on time and/or work for a whole 8 hours….)
And this is the FIRST TIME IN 18 YEARS that there are more jobs available than there are people looking for jobs.

Lets hope that the DNC majority in the House doesn’t break that.

One thought on “More jobs than people

  1. I wish they would do weekly drug tests on the welfare recipients. As you pointed out, clean blood test leaves some people out of work and in the welfare rolls. I have been randomly selected three times for a test at work. I have no issue with them as I don't do drugs or report to work drunk. I work in the tool shop. The factory is down the road and in one of our meetings, the supervisor stated that one of the reasons for our automations department being extra busy is they are having a hard time at the plant finding people to work and that can pass a piss test. It bothers me to no end that I have to subject myself for testing whenever I am asked, but it is against the rights of the welfare rats to require it from them. If they have money for drugs, they don't need government funds, paid by taxpayers such as myself. Sad part is, once the jobs are automated, they are GONE. The plant pays a livable starting salary for people packing plastic parts in boxes. There are also higher paying jobs in maintenance and such. There should be a lifetime limit of what you can draw out of welfare before you are kicked off permanently. I don't work because I want to, I work because I have pride and don't wish to be a burden on other people. Pride seems to have all but died in modern society.

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