And again, MAGA

“MAGA” is only used by Liberals. MAGA is not used by folks who think it is time to “Make America Great Again”….

Pretty much only journalists and Liberals who ahve never actually known a Conservative (or a Blue Collar tyoe, or anyone else who might wear a ‘Make America Great Again” hat.

Jussie Smollet told everyone that 2 people told him “This is “MAGA” country” before they put another leftist symbol around his neck…and we found out later (although anyone with a brain already knew) that he had made the wole thing up.

So, having said all of the above, O gotta wonder….Who paid this guy to write “MAGA” and all the other stuff that Leftists think means some secret hate speech slogan on his hand?

Suspected mob boss killer writes ‘MAGA Forever,’ QAnon symbol on his hand

The only people they are gonna influence are already convinced.

One thought on “And again, MAGA

  1. I went through "leadership training" in the Coast Guard. At one point, the chief broke out a flipchart; you know; one of those big pads that used to rear their ugly heads at every meeting. He said "You're not to call this a flipchart, because it might offend a Filipino." Apparently, if you want to piss off a Filipino, you call him a "flip." The chief said that we were to call it an Easel pad." "But Chief," I said, "It says right on the cover of the thing "3M Flipchart." Since when is it a crime to call something by the name given it by the manufacturer?" He came back with something like "Isn't better that we find a way to not offend anyone?" I said "But that means anyone can decide to make ANYTHING offensive, and we'll have to change everything to suit them." "Then that's what we'll do," the Chief said. Looks like we were both right…

    Oh; and this happened in 1993… I saw this coming that far back…

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