What the cops are saying:

Yeah, I know the “official” line is different….’cause no one wants to call it for what it is,
…..But here is what the cops are saying about the whole thing:

Well, that’s just bullshit. Would you like to know what detectives are telling us?
It never happened. CPD is wasting hundreds of man hours to solve a Grindr date gone bad. The “victim” is refusing all forms of cooperation, his “ear witness” isn’t cooperating, the Hollywood press is running with a non-existent narrative. The “persons of interest” are all but unidentifiable and left the area 20 minutes before the “attack,” not to mention the anonymous witness who saw a “hillbilly looking” character that not a single camera in a one mile radius has a picture of.
And that’s just from a couple of people working the case.

Anyone with two working neurons to rub together can see that the story just doesn’t smell right.
Let us recap:

1. Some dudes were waiting for him in the middle of the night when he JUST HAPPENED to decide to go out at 2 AM to get a sandwich…….And they recognized him and somehow knew he was an actor and gay (cause it shows, AmIRite?) and cared enough (I had to look up the dude on Google just to find out who he was) and therefore knew enough to take this action………and this occurred, mind you, on one of the coldest nights of the winter so far (‘Cause all MAGA hat wearing people have nothing else to do on a cold night, and are stupid enough to not go inside where it is warm)….and after they roughed him up, they just happened to have a handy noose to put around his neck (Hint: a noose is only a symbol to black progressives, not to anyone else)….How many rednecks say things like “MAGA Country”?

2. He somehow staggered home despite the (mild) beating and called for help….not the police, mind you, but someone else (his (“manager”)….who he may or may not have been on the phone with at the time of the “attack”. Said person sometime later called the police (if he had a phone with him, why didn’t he call RIGHT THEN?) and reported the “beating”….. (Hint: If you’ve ever been set upon by a couple of rednecks, then you might not believe that they will just be satisfied with pushing you down and (maybe) striking you on the cheek…..Trust me, it is generally a LOT more beating…kicking and stomping and general mayhem, that takes place before they leave).

3. When police arrived approximately 45 minutes later….for some reason the “noose” was STILL around his neck. Odd, that. Almost as it were a symbol or something….

4. Neither the “victim” nor his “Manager” are willing to give access to their phones. One might think that they were hiding something.

5. The ONLY men that can be seen for over a MILE around the alleged attack location anywhere near the time of the (alleged) attack on video cameras are walking away calmly, not hurrying as one might expect after (gently and/or slightly) beating someone….and their position and timing says that they had to have done it at least 20 minutes before the alleged attack occurred.  Again, kinda odd.

I’m not sure what the motivation is for this claim, but I strongly doubt that anything remotely like what the “Victim” claims happened actually happened…..I think he made up many, if not all, of the details he reported. Like someone who has never met a Good Ol’ Boy (say a Hollywood type) might THINK that they speak and act…(if, say, one had never met anyone outside of those Hollywood circles)….not like how they really do.

How many hundreds of man hours are being wasted on this “case”?

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  1. The whole thing is so ridiculous Hollywood would reject it in a script.

    It is as you say, what a liberal would imagine an attack by Righties would be like.

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