Let ’em go to Venzuela

More than one in four Democrats, 26 percent, now say socialism means “equal standing for everybody, all equal in all rights, equal in distribution,” 

Y’know, I don’t see any of these folks reducing their lifestyle, living at the Poverty level, giving all of their hard earned money and possessions away,….not one. They all take their pay, their income, and live well. Make no mistake, I don’t begrudge them the fruits of their success, be it from hard work or from inheritance (which is the hard work and success of other before them). Sometimes, a level of success comes from simply not making bad choices…from an eye to the future, from impulse control. From making GOOD choices.

But failure to realize that their money came from SOMEONE’s hard work, luck, or skill is stupidity….

And if they AREN’T living at the level of those they claim to want to help, those that they wish to take from other successful people to “level the playing field” then they are hypocrites.

And we should call ’em out for their hypocrisy.

One thought on “Let ’em go to Venzuela

  1. What these people want is to consolidate their power, while making sure that no one below them ever has a chance of overtaking them. Anyone who thinks these people actually believe what they're trying to get us to swallow falls squarely into the "useful idiot" column…

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