If they spend any time, they should sue “Jussie”

Seems that the po-po are “questioning” two “persons of interest” in the “assault” that happened in Chicago. 

Now, The men are “not suspects” and are simply being questioned.
But if they spend any time at all with the police, and it is later determined that Jussie was not entirely truthful in his claims, they should sue him for the time they spent with the police and the stress that this is no doubt causing them.

And the police, should they be able to prove he is “less than truthful” should be able to force him to pay all of the costs for the investigation.

I say “not entirely truthful” because small bits of the story…small but important bits….keep changing. 

I am slowly coming to believe that if it weren’t for fake racist (both anti-black and anti-muslim) incidents, there wouldn’t be any at all.

ETA: Seems that the Chicago Police Department RAIDED the home of the “Persons of Interest”.
Raided. Kicked down a door and tossed the apartment. Lots of damage.
I would think that Mr. Smollett should be liable for that damage as well, if and when.

6 thoughts on “If they spend any time, they should sue “Jussie”

  1. You should google recent news for "Owatonna high school" to get a quick look at shockingly stupid kids doing extremely stupid race based crap.

    This is local to me, and lots of locals are very angry at the stupid kids.

  2. Not much detail as to what was said or anything else. I tried.

    and comments are one thing, real racist incidents are something else. And so far, all those have been hoaxes.

  3. Well, after the shit talking were the fist fights, and after the fist fights were the ambulance rides and about 2 dozen dumbass kids rushing the gym where the cops were trying to keep the idiots separated so the non-combatants could leave.

    White kids talking some extremely racist shit and being stupid enough to post it online during the school day, black ones throwing the first punches, and then all down hill from there.

    There was a low grade riot incited in the school until enough cops got there to put enough people in the middle to bring it to a stop.

    I'm not sure it could have been more packed full of stupid if they were trying on purpose.

    There is talk now about state champ level athletes who participated losing titles, expulsions, and all kinds of other stuff. A boatload of idiots who would no longer be eligible to run for governor of Virginia at the very least.

  4. BC: Not trying to be rude, but what does that have to do with a (probable) hate crime hoax in Chicago?

    Kids do stupid things. Sometimes even stupider based on obvious things like skin color. White are as racist as blacks are, and hispanics and asians.
    Skin color is an obvious thing that stands out.

    But, again, while there is real racism (trust me, the Klan is active 30 miles from where I live…I know) that doesn't justify an actor looking for notoriety and attention telling a story that has entailed hundreds of man hours looking for perpetrators that may not exist. Nor does it justify the disruption of two men's lives and the invasion of their home.

    Look inot the story of Jussie Smollett. I've posted some of it here on this blog. It smells. Further, it doesn't add up.

  5. The Chicago story stinks like BS from one end to the other and I would wager to be fully fabricated.

    I was posting because you said that it appears that most anti-black and anti-muslim activity is fake. While I agree that the more sensational an event appears in the news, the more likely it is to be fake; there are still plenty of racist idiots doing stupid things in the real world.

  6. Some commenters speculated that the two were paid stooges.

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