I’m once again disappointed by Trump.

He has failed, again, to lead. Or at least lead well.

The Dems are keeping a Wall from being built….at least any meaningful amount of Wall.

Essentially, they’ve thwarted him (again).

So much for “The Art of the Deal”.

He SHOULD have forced Wall funding when he had a majority in the first 2 years. He didn’t.

He SHOULD have taken some of the deals offered. DACA. Border Adjustment Tax. Others. All were better than what we got.
Now? Yeah, we get, essentially, nothing.
He SHOULD have stood fast on the “shutdown”. He didn’t. Like Charlie Brown and Lucy, he trusted them, and they snatched the football away. Again.

At the end, all we got is that he isn’t Hillary.  

3 thoughts on “Bummed

  1. I don't pretend to know what Trump is doing or what he is up to. But I do know he is up to something. Up to this present time he has defeated his opponents masterfully at every stroke. So, I say let's wait to see what develops.


  2. rick is right. every time i think trump has screwed the pooch, i find out by back channels that he has a brilliant plan in play. take withdrawing from syria. everybody including mad dog mattis was mad, thought he was screwing up. little did they know trump had arranged with the saudis and several nato allies to back fill. the saudis hate the iranians. they said isis was still strong. don't look so strong today, dragging their sad asses to the refugee camps, what's left of them. trump is playing 5 dimensional chess with idiots that think they are playing checkers.

  3. While I am disappointed it didn't turn out better, I am more disappointed the republicans in congress didn't produce a better deal. As for Trump, if he would have refused to sign, liberal media would have hung it on Trump. As is, we gain more than the one dollar Pelosi said would be her max. He also gave them three weeks to act like adults, which they didn't, and I am pretty sure Trump knew they wouldn't, but he gave them the opportunity. By declaring an emergency, he is gaining over 8 billion on top of the 1.3 from the bill he signed. Usually I would take issue with him going around congress, but they are acting like children, and Obama went around congress making DACA, so the precedent is already set. At least this time it is for americans instead of illegals. I also wish he would have taken advantage of majority in first two years and passed it, but weak kneed McConell didn't want to go nuclear to get it through. As much as I hate the nuclear option, I enjoy everytime the republicans use it as the democrats invented it without the forethought of the fact that it would bite them in the ass if they lost the majority. I am hoping the republicans get off their hands and start putting judges in while they have the majority. They should already be putting their foot on the gas ramming them through. Hopefully RBG is out before the end of the year so we can get one more on the supreme court before we potentially lose control. Trump is far from perfect, but he is heading in the right direction. We have gained quite a bit. I just wish the GOP critters in congress could pull it together.

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