And yet she spent $20K on air travel last year….

So Ocasio Cortez wants to eliminate air travel, among other things, to save the planet.

Yet during her campaign she spent nearly $21,000 on air travel…..and only $3100 on travel by rail….so much for long distance travel.  7:1, more or less. Odd, for someone who believe that we are ruining the planet, innit?

I’ll maybe start thinking these people really believe what they say when they start acting like they believe what they say.


3 thoughts on “And yet she spent $20K on air travel last year….

  1. Their position has always been air travel for me (the Democrat elite), not for thee (everyone else). Rail travel would be too slow for their conducting of the "People's Business" so they're exempt from such restrictions of course.

    If in any doubt, see how they just flew thousands of private jets to Davos all the while bemoaning air travel as causing climate change.

  2. Odd, her district is in NY City. There should have been no air travel at all, except going to work.

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