I’m gettin’ frustrated by the weather people.

They are giving out “Real Feel” temperatures…and I got that…I understand that people need to know that information if they are going outside. But they are using “Real Feel” in place of actual temperatures. My pipes, more or less, are out of the wind. They don’t care what the ‘Feels Like” temperature is. Nor does my truck. Once it has cooled to the actual temperature (as measured by a thermometer) they don’t get any colder. And that cold measurement is what matters.

But how cold is that temperature? Not -48 degrees. More like -19. Big difference.

I’d rather have ’em give me BOTH temps. Real Feel/Feels Like Wind Chill matters to those folks outside, but we need the REAL-Real temperature as well.

I suppose that the (not as low) temperatures (-25F) don’t make for the hysteria that the “feels like (-48F) temperature numbers do. But still.

And, as an aside, have a thought for the folks that ARE working outside….the Power folks, the Water folks (lots of water main breaks in cities don’t do Real Cold well) and others who are bringing much needed services to you home. I’ve worked outside in weather like this…and even with the proper gear, it is bad……which is why the scar tissue in my hands and fingers hurts so much in the cold….and why I didn’t leave my house except to help my neighbor today (and likely won’t tomorrow, either).