Yeah…right. Trust the State

It is cold, I get it. I plan on not leaving the house for the next 36+ hours….


So the City of Chicago has, for many years, been telling people to “Take Public Transportation” in order to reduce downtown congestion and ease the lack of parking…

And many people have become entirely dependent on Public Transportation.

Then, when it is going to be dangerously cold, the city has announce that, due to the weather, they will be running METRA  and South Shore commuter trains at a “reduced service level”. and the CTA busses will be on a reduced level as well…

Yeah, just what people want to do…try to stay warm in an unheated bus stop shelter or on a METRA station in -25 F cold with -50 wind chills while waiting an extra time  for a ride….

Best way to get people to ditch those cars and use public transport…(and then there are those who need transport, can’t, for whatever reason, afford a car)…Let those people down on the worst weather day in a decade….
If ever there was a good reason to not trust ever growing Government, to distrust and never depend on the State….here is a good example.