New shooter report

So one of the guys that I was friendly with during flying school for my PPL asked me if he and his girlfriend could come over and shoot at my range.

I, of course, said yes. We set it for Saturday morning about 11 AM.

While he was a shooter, if not at the level I am, nor as current, he knew what he was doing. She had shot before, but not for a decade…and that with Dad.

So we did the safety briefing, they signed waivers, and we went into the indoor range. Started out with a Buckmark to get her acquainted, then worked up. That New Shooter Smile was evident.

She shot at 50 feet at first, then we strung the cable and shot at 21 feet so she could see the holes in the paper better…

After a little coaching, she did quite well. Of course, a whole range of firearms and calibers. 22, .32, .380, 9mm. and .45. She liked the 1911 better than the Shield, and the Beretta Tomcat best of all. It just fit her hand well, and she like the way it shot best.

I don’t think she will be a “gun person”. She does however, know safety and how to handle, and unload and load. And she isn’t “afraid” of guns.  And the one other member of the range that showed up while we were there was also a good ambassador and made her feel comfortable and welcome. She had fun. All told, if she is not pro gun, she will not be Anti Gun.

And that (and the New Shooter Smile) makes the time worthwhile.