I’m coming to realize

That the biggest issue with folks who vote Democrat (and/or are liberal) is that they, as a whole, can’t seem to determine when their “news” sources are News, and when they are Op-Ed pieces….especially when that Op-Ed says something that they agree with.

Nevermind that a statement that is made, with no supporting facts, is just an opinion…nevermind that the statements are biased…..”if it is published (and I agree with it) it must be factual. This is why a headline may say one thing,  but the body of text in the article may show something else…But the headline is all they read….and believe.

We, on the right, are also (To a lesser extent) subject to making this failure in our search for knowledge.

But the Dems and the Liberals (but I repeat myself) seem to have a lack of discrimination when it comes their News.

By the way, this is an example of Op-Ed. No supporting facts, just opinion…if I had facts, there’d be links and support for the statement(s) I made. 

2 thoughts on “I’m coming to realize

  1. Not only that, they take what they hear as Gospel and want the starting point of any conversation to be taking their point of view for granted. They insist that my facts aren't so and won't listen to any criticism of their side but expect me to agree with their criticism of my side.

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