Have ya noticed?

The folks who are opposed to the Wall claim that they are all for “Border Security”.
But they don’t specify how that “Border Security” will be accomplished.
And they’ve been promising “Border Security” for DECADES….and we have seen nothing.

What is their (currently unspecified) solution to closing the border? What method are they proposing to use to secure the border? They have had ample opportunity to tell us, but they haven’t. Wonder why?
I think they are simply lying.

And, can someone explain how closing the border is “immoral”? Please, I’d like to know.

They claim that most drugs come in via “Ports of Entry” therefore a Wall will not help that problem….How do they know? Some drugs do, obviously. But if you know how and where (and how much) of the drug trade comes in via those ports…..Why aren’t we stopping it? Logically, since no one has tracked  those drugs that have entered…followed them from point of origin to point of distribution inside the US, we have no idea how or where they entered.  If we can count it, we can stop it. But they are for sale on our streets every day…….All we have is “estimates” by an “expert” (who likely wants more funding)….which are just guesses at best, Again, I think someone is lying.

Similarly, it is claimed that the number of illegal immigrants is declining…..Again, how do we know?  How do we count them? How do we count the ones that are already here….How do we count them when (if) they leave, and how do we count those folks who (continue to) enter illegally? If we know where they are, why aren’t we deporting them, and if we can count the number who are entering, why aren’t we stopping them??

 It is claimed that people use other methods of entry than the border so a Wall will do no good…….Again, how do we know? If we do know (must be we are counting them “one by one” as they enter, right?), why aren’t we stopping them from entering? If those other methods of (illegal) entry are so simple to use, why do people walk for DAYS across a desert instead of using those “easier” entry point?

And why is it ok for latino people from our southern neighbors to enter illegally and live here in violation of the law, but people from everywhere else in the world are required to emigrate legally….isn’t that racist? How come spanish speaking peoples get an exemption but Poles and Koreans and Congolese and Russians and Somalians and South Africans and Latvians and Indian peoples (and others) don’t? If welcoming immigrants with no restrictions is such a good idea, why are we blocking people at our points of entry?
Why do we even have immigration? Why do we check passports at airports at all? if one open border is good, why bother at ports and airports and such?

Which is it? Open borders are good? Or only open borders for people who are willing to walk via Mexico are OK, and other methods of entry are bad?

I have asked, and will continue to ask:

Why do the DNC folks, and many RNC members wish to keep the southern border unprotected? Why do they object to securing the largest path of entry for illegal immigrants?

5 thoughts on “Have ya noticed?

  1. The Left wants "border security" that reduces Border Patrol agents to the status of "Wal-Mart greeter." They'll just stand at the border and say "Welcome to America," while handing them SS cards, EBT cards, Section Eight vouchers, WIC…

    …Yeah… That sounds "comprehensive" to me… Uh-uh… Right…

  2. Clearly the Left doen't understand the meaning of the word "immoral". They behave that way, but don't know it and don't understand it. Great post, great insight.

  3. Because reliable machine voters add value, for given values of, uh, value.

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