Back Pay

Government employees.


Why should Federal Government employees be paid for days where they are not working?

I have friends who work for Federal agencies. some of them are out of work…”Furloughed” is the term used.
And, as of last Friday, they have not received a paycheck. This is a hardship for them….I understand this. I feel for them. They are not working due to no fault of their own. (I’ve offered all of them loans to help out if they need it….They are good credit risks: I know they will get paid eventually.) 

But when a private employee is laid off…Say a worker at a steel mill, or at a car plant, or nearly any manufacturing…..When those folks are “Furloughed” “Laid off” (also not by their choice), they are not given back pay for days where they do not work. No work (for any reason), no pay.

Why should Federal employees be paid for days where they do not work? What makes them special? What makes them any different than their private sector counterparts? Simply their employers?
Why, if they are not working, are they paid? (even if at a later date)….

I mean, I understand, that these folks (some of them, at least) are not allowed to find other work in the meantime, unlike private sector workers…. But many can work elsewhere, it’s just a hassle for them to find temporary employment.
But here’s the thing:
If they are gonna get paid either way (once the pissing match budget battle is over), then why the charade? Why not just let ’em work? Why not let them do their jobs unless (until) their department/agency is defunded and/or eliminated eliminated? Why the game of “No work/No pay”  but then give them pay afterwards?
Is is just to create havoc and chaos? Just for leverage? (hint to the politicians: It doesn’t work….you get no leverage from this.) Just for a show of power, much like Barry did when he closed the parks last time? Create havoc and pain (another hint: most people served by “The Government” are unaffected in the short run by these “shutdowns”)

If these folks are gonna get paid, then they should be working.  IF not, then they should be free to act as any other citizen, and take work where they can find it.
Why can’t the American people get some value for the money their taxes are going for? We will be paying for work not done,…value not received.

End of rant. 

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  1. I don't disagree, but I'll hazard a guess that the reason is probably hidden somewhere in a great big, long, convoluted contract…

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