At what point

Does the cost of the “Government Shutdown” (in lost productivity (’cause we are paying people who aren’t working)) exceed the cost of funding “the Wall”?

Does anyone have an idea?

Again, I ask: Why does the Democratic Party leadership want unfettered border crossing so much? Why are they so against a barrier to people just walking into our country? Do they approve of the increased crime and lowered wages? The Welfare and Tax fraud? The damage the illegal border crossers do to our economy? To our welfare and Social Security system?

Seems that the offer Trump made was as good or better than the promises they made last time around. Protection (for a time) for the “Dreamers”….giving our Legislators time to find a solution….and a start at limiting the invasion of non citizens.

WHY are they so against security and integrity of our borders? Chuck Schumer: “Freedom, equality, not a Divisive Border Wall”. Does he approve of the illegal border crossers actions? 

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  1. I think that this has become an issue about "Stop Trump". Nothing more, nothing less. What the ultimate cost to this country will be as the "elites" play out their power games around this issue remains to be seen. With regard to illegal immigration – what I would dearly love to see is the federal government actually enforcing the existing law and stop turning a "blind eye" on those who refuse to enforce it. The arrest of every mayor and every local assembly member of each and every "sanctuary city" might be a good place to start – followed by the arrest of ANYONE who hires an illegal alien. Without exception. Expulsion from school of all illegals. Cessation of all monetary benefits to illegals. That would be a good start.

  2. The short answer is VOTES. Once here they're in like Alabama ticks and will, eventually, get citizenship. They'll vote "D"… and their children, which they'll have more of, will vote "D". The Left has a LONG GAME; they're thinking 20, 50, 100 years down the road.

    The other answer, at least MHO, is that the more the average Joe sees how illegals get away with, literally, murder and don't get punished, the more they give up on the American system itself.

    Rome fell because the average Roman, who before would have fought and died to maintain Rome, understood that the top was so corrupt it was not worth saving anymore – and focused on saving themselves and their families / local communities to the exclusion of the larger nation. This is, I believe 100%, firmly one of the Left's aims: to so demoralize Americans that they no longer believe America is worth saving, or savable. Then, the larger plans can commence.

  3. Nitzakhon nailed it – The Dems expect there will be an eventual amnesty and with 11 million+ illegals already here and more to come who have a proclivity to vote Dem (69% of Hispanics voted Democrat in 2018).

    Getting the illegals in and then granting them citizenship, they'll have a lock on power and decisively shift control of the government for a generation or more.

  4. Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi… They're doing a great job of representing Mexico… and Honduras, and…

    Say! Aren't these people supposed to be representing AMERICANS???

    I guess that's why we have a wannabe Mexican called "Beto…" O'ROURKE… running for President…

  5. Please forgive the shameless self-reference to a post I did, but it captures the salient point.

    And FYI, I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

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