Touch and goes

9 of them.

The wind was good, and, for once the ceilings were high enough for some pattern work (2300ft…the weather has been terrible for flying recently).

So I went and did some pattern work.

Worked on approach speeds…with one person and half fuel, it likes 72 knots (The POH lists from 65-80) with 20 degrees of flaps.

80 is WAY too fast. It wants to porpoise at touchdown. 65 is too slow, control is difficult, although doable. I’m gonna have to practice some short field./40 degree stuff another time.

72 to 75 is Just Right with 20 degrees of flaps.

I did try the advice of another 182 owner….I put 40 pounds of water in the baggage department at the aft end. Really made a big difference in the roundout. 2.5 gallon jugs are cheap and can be removed if needed, but they make a great difference in the landing when lightly loaded.

With fairly cool weather, climb rates were in excess of 1200FPM. easy to overshoot target altitudes in the pattern when one is used to less powerful airplanes.

I’m not sure the fuel gauges are accurate though. Both showed about 5/8 full, but I put 22 gallons in each side……and the bladders are only supposed to hold 37.5 gallons each (35 usable)…the math doesn’t add up. I’m gonna run one empty at altitude and see what it takes to fill it…then, if need be, get the gauges fixed. It is possible that the bladders were replaced with larger ones and the  placard is incorrect. I dunno.

If the weather ever gets nicer I’m gonna do me some $100 hamburgers and get some cross country time.

5 thoughts on “Touch and goes

  1. Checking is good, practice when you can learn AHEAD of time is also good. Just remember to make sure the jugs are secured, the last thing you want is them 'moving' in turbulence.

  2. Per FAR 23.259, fuel indicators are required to be accurate only when in level flight and fuel remaining is equal to unusable fuel for that tank.

    Even when fuel gauges are recently calibrated I do not trust them. If you do buy calibrated dip sticks for your make and model, buy two. You'll lose/misplace the first one.

    9 bounce and goes! You're good to go for another 270 days! (day only)

    I often fly with aft CG, on purpose.

    I see NFO said it already but I will reiterate, secure those 'sandbags'.

    This is exciting to read your updates.


  3. Good stuff. Weather here has been DS. Every time I book a flight its been a no go for two months now. Ah well, I'll get the Dakota checkout done sometime and then join up with you at Coldwater or points farther south.

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