Toldya so.

Seems that in some professional circles, the word is to “avoid women at all costs

All those MeTOO accusations showed that too many women are sensitive fragile flowers that should not be let out without a keeper…..and that all too many others are evil, nasty, vengeful bitches.

The above women have, however, because their own sisters chose to support them rather than smack them down, damaged all the “normal” hard working women who simply wanted to work hard and earn advancement…..and the Movement is going to harm professional women for a generation or more. Bet on it. For men in power or positions or authority, interacting with women can be fraught with danger.

Pence looks smarter all the time, doesn’t he? 

3 thoughts on “Toldya so.

  1. Doing what is 'right' is often difficult. It rarely strokes emotional endorphin centers. It usually means fewer dollars in the wallet in the short term.

    Doing what is 'right' is the least effort in the long run. It produces deep satisfaction and self-esteem in the long run. It usually means more dollars in your wallet in the long run.

    Children think of NOW.

    Adults think of now, tomorrow, next week, month, year and generation.

    In the end, the adults will win. And it will come with a price.

  2. That price is already being paid, sadly by GOOD women who are being ostracized through fear of their 'possible' reactions… Dammit…

  3. Absolutely no surprise here… Of course, now the militant feminists will start suing left and right, claiming discrimination…

    …All part of the plan…

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